Titanium Midget Torsion Stop

Titanium Midget Torsion Stop

SKU: Ti426

Titanium Midget Torsion Stop.

The Original Billet Titanium Midget Torsion Stop, first introduced by us in 2014 is now even better. It is now sleeker and lighter than ever before, 130 grams, without compromising it's strength and durability.

  • Details

    A Titanium Stop weighs around the same as an Aluminium Stop. The difference between the two is strength. A Titanium is almost impossible to strip a spline unlike Aluminium stops. 

    A Titanium stop doesn't lose it's memory or spring so gone are the days of having to use a screwdriver or the like to spread the stop to get it on and off the bar. 

    Once you use one of these stops you will never have or want to use any other again!